Catherine of Alexandria (282-305)

"Saint Catherine of Alexandria, or Saint Katharine of Alexandria, also known as Saint Catherine of the Wheel and The Great Martyr Saint Catherine (Coptic: Ϯⲁⲅⲓⲁ Ⲕⲁⲧⲧⲣⲓⲛ; Greek: ἡ Ἁγία Αἰκατερίνη ἡ Μεγαλομάρτυς "Holy Catherine the Great Martyr"; Latin: Catharina Alexandrina), is, according to tradition, a Christian saint and virgin, who was martyred in the early 4th century at the hands of the emperor Maxentius. According to her hagiography, she was both a princess and a noted scholar who became a Christian around the age of 14, converted hundreds of people to Christianity and was martyred around the age of 18. More than 1,100 years after Catherine´s martyrdom Joan of Arc identified her as one of the saints who appeared to and counselled her." - ( 23.03.2020)

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Was depicted (Actor) Catherine of Alexandria (282-305)
Created Evangelische Stadtschule Wolmirstedt ()
Created Museum Wolmirstedt ()
Created C. Serger (Apotheke und Drogenhandlung) ()
Template creation Lucas Cranach the Elder (1472-1553) ()
Was depicted (Actor) Pancras of Rome (289-304) ()
Was depicted (Actor) Stephen (1-40) ()
Was depicted (Actor) Mary Magdalena ()
Was depicted (Actor) Saint Barbara (-306) ()
Was depicted (Actor) Andrew ()
Was depicted (Actor) Elizabeth of Hungary (1207-1231) ()
Was used / Was depicted (Actor) Friedrich Haselhorst (1872-1940) ()
Painted Daniel Fritsch ()
Image taken Fratelli Alinari ()
Received / [Relation to person or institution] Friedrich Loss und Co. oHG, Wolmirstedt ()
Signed Pfarrer Heinrichs (-) ()
[Relation to person or institution] Hotel und Restaurant "Zur Sonne" (Wolmirstedt) ()
[Relation to person or institution] Freiwillige Feuerwehr Wolmirstedt ()
Mentioned Briefmarkenfreunde Wolmirstedt e.V. (1949-2016) ()
Mentioned Briefmarkentauschklub v. 1946 Wunstorf e.V. ()
Mentioned Marie Kollecker (1881-1952) ()

[Relation to person or institution] Catherine of Alexandria (282-305)
Created Willy Schulze (Lehrer) ()
Created Pansaische Buchdruckerei (Magdeburg) ()
Template creation Deutsche Stiftung Denkmalschutz ()
Was depicted (Actor) / Received / Was used Richard Karl Duldhardt (1893-1968) ()
Was used Lisette Marie Friederike Friedrich (1868-) ()
Was used Alma Prilloff (geborene Meißner) ()
Was used Wilhelm August Carl Prilloff (1873-1944) ()
Was used Männer-Turn-Verein Wolmirstedt 1863 e.V. ()
Written E. Bubbe ()
Received Lorenz Heinrich Emil Gremler (1886-1915) ()
Received Albert Duldhardt (1860-1915) ()
Received Museum Wolmirstedt ()
Issued Martin Stichnoth (1977-) ()
Issued / Signed Thomas Webel (1954-) ()
Issued Evangelisches Pfarramt Wolmirstedt ()
Signed Hans Otte (Wolmirstedt) ()
[Relation to person or institution] Turnerschaft Wolmirstedt 1881 e.V. ()
[Relation to person or institution] / Was depicted (Actor) Friedrich Ludwig Jahn (1778-1852) ()
[Relation to person or institution] Maxentius (278-312) ()
[Relation to person or institution] Pancras of Rome (289-304) ()
Printed Druckerei Adolf Grenzau ()
Mentioned Anette Pilz (1965-) ()
Mentioned Hermann Müller (Wolmirstedt) ()
Mentioned Nazi Party ()
Mentioned Caroline Luise Henriette Prilloff ()
Mentioned Friedrich Heinrich Carl Prilloff ()
Mentioned Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) ()
Mentioned Gestapo ()
Mentioned Heinrich Christian Ludwig Tönniges (1835-) ()
Mentioned Charlotte Sophie Louise Tönniges (1868-) ()