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Hedwig Ruhncke

Geborene Hedwig Neumann. Ehefrau von Günther Ruhncke und Mutter von Walther und Albert Ruhncke. Heirat mit Günther August Ruhncke 1869, Geburt der Söhne 1876 (Walther) und 1880 (Albert).

Relationships with persons or entities via objects

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Was depicted (Actor) Hedwig Ruhncke
Created Fotoatelier Hebensperger & Co ()
Created Photographie & Verlag am Salzbergwerk zu Berchtesgaden ()
Created Fotoatelier Elise Dörschel ()
Image taken / Was depicted (Actor) / Written Walther Ruhncke (1876-) ()
Was depicted (Actor) Günther August Ruhncke (1843-1908) ()
Was depicted (Actor) Martha Ruhncke (1874-) ()
Was depicted (Actor) Albert Ruhncke (1880-) ()
Was depicted (Actor) Elfriede Ruhncke (-1947) ()