Stefan Lochner (1400-1451)

"Stefan Lochner (the Dombild Master or Master Stefan; c. 1410 – late 1451) was a German painter working in the late "soft style" of the International Gothic. His paintings combine that era´s tendency toward long flowing lines and brilliant colours with the realism, virtuoso surface textures and innovative iconography of the early Northern Renaissance. Based in Cologne, a commercial and artistic hub of northern Europe, Lochner was one of the most important German painters before Albrecht Dürer. Extant works include single-panel oil paintings, devotional polyptychs and illuminated manuscripts, which often feature fanciful and blue-winged angels. Today some thirty-seven individual panels are attributed to him with confidence." - ( 30.01.2020)

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Dreikönigsaltar - Altar der Stadtpatrone von Köln
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Template creation Stefan Lochner (1400-1451)
Printing plate produced Franz Paul Massau (1818-1900)
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