Fratelli Alinari

"Fratelli Alinari is the world´s oldest photographic firm, founded in Florence, Italy in 1852. Its archives contains 5.5 million photographs, ranging from daguerreotypes to modern digital photos from around the world." - ( 31.01.2020)

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Ponte e Castel Sant´ AngeloPiazza e Basilica di S. PietroBasilica di S. Pietro. L´Interno.Basilica di S. Pietro. La Navata trasversale col Monumento di Clemente XIII.Basilica di S. Pietro, La Pieta.Battistero di S. Giovanni in Laterano.
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Image taken Fratelli Alinari
[Relation to person or institution] Römisch-katholische Kirche
[Relation to person or institution] Michelangelo (1475-1564)
[Relation to person or institution] Jesus Christ (-4-30)

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