Adam Frans van der Meulen (1632-1690)

"Adam Frans van der Meulen or Adam-François van der Meulen (11 January 1632 – 15 October 1690) was a Flemish painter and draughtsman who was particularly known for his scenes of military campaigns and conquests. Snayers also painted portraits, hunting scenes, paintings of chateaux and landscapes. He created designs for prints and cartoons for tapestries.

He worked in the service of the French king Louis XIV of France for whom he painted his victories, his new possessions and portraits. He was instrumental in building the propagandistic image of the French king as the ´Sun King´. His battle scenes had an important influence on the development on the genre of military painting in France." - ( 31.01.2020)

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King Charles II und der Duke of York (Motiv nach van Meulen)
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