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Franz Krüger (1797-1857)

"Franz Krüger (10 September 1797, in Großbadegast, Köthen, Anhalt – 21 January 1857, in Berlin), known as Pferde-Krüger (“Horse-Krüger”), was a German (Prussian) painter and lithographer. He was best known for his romantic and lively portraits and pictures of horses, which made him the most in demand military and portrait painter in Berlin. His paintings of military parades and hundreds of portraits led to him painting many of the "well to do" of the city." - ( 05.11.2019)

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Painted Franz Krüger (1797-1857)

Template creation Franz Krüger (1797-1857)
Printed / Printing plate produced Wilhelm Jab (-1871)

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