Julius E.F. Gipkens (1883-1968)

"Julius E. F. Gipkens (16 February 1883 – 1968) was a German painter, illustrator and graphic designer." - ( 11.11.2019)

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Plakat/Sammelaufruf "Sammelt die Obstkerne ...", 1. WeltkriegPlakat/Sammelaufruf "Sammelt Obstkerne zur Oelgewinnung", 1.WeltkriegPlakat/Sammelaufruf "Sammelt die Obstkerne ...", 1. Weltkrieg 1914-1918
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Painted Julius E.F. Gipkens (1883-1968)

Template creation Julius E.F. Gipkens (1883-1968)

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