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José Rizal (1861-1896)

"José Protasio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda (Spanish pronunciation: [xoˈse riˈsal]; June 19, 1861 – December 30, 1896) was a Filipino nationalist and polymath during the tail end of the Spanish colonial period of the Philippines. An ophthalmologist by profession, Rizal became a writer and a key member of the Filipino Propaganda Movement which advocated political reforms for the colony under Spain.

He was executed by the Spanish colonial government for the crime of rebellion after the Philippine Revolution, inspired in part by his writings, broke out. Though he was not actively involved in its planning or conduct, he ultimately approved of its goals which eventually led to Philippine independence." - ( 22.10.2019)

What we know


was born Calamba (Laguna) 19.06.1861
Member Propaganda-Bewegung (Philippinen)
was killed Manila 30.12.1896
Friend Ferdinand Blumentritt (1853-1913)
Member BGAEU 1887-1896


lived Europe 1882-1892
Student Ateneo de Manila (Universität) Manila 1872-1877
Student Philosophy Santo Tomas University Manila 1877-1878
Student medicine Santo Tomas University Manila
lived Calamba (Laguna) 1861-1872
Traveller Philippinen Mai 1882
Traveller Barcelona Juni 1882
Traveller Madrid 1882
Student medicine Universidad de Madrid Madrid 1882-1884
Traveller Paris 1883
lived Madrid 1882-1885
Student Paris 1885-1886
Student Otto Heinrich Enoch Becker (1828-1890) Heidelberg
lived Wilhelmsfeld 1886
Traveller Leipzig 1886
lived Berlin 1886-1887
Researcher London 1888-1889
lived Philippinen 1887-1888

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Calamba (Laguna)121.1666641235351600014.21666622161865200Place of birth // Place of residencedb_images_gestaltung/generalsvg/place-biog.svg0.0622
Europe7.0000000000000000046.00000000000000000Place of residencedb_images_gestaltung/generalsvg/place-biog.svg0.0622
Manila120.9772186279296900014.59583377838134800Place of death // Place of studies // Place of studies // Place of studiesdb_images_gestaltung/generalsvg/place-biog.svg0.0622
Philippinen123.0000000000000000012.00000000000000000departed from // Place of residencedb_images_gestaltung/generalsvg/place-biog.svg0.0622
Barcelona2.1769444942474365041.38249969482422000Arrival atdb_images_gestaltung/generalsvg/place-biog.svg0.0622
Madrid-3.6919443607330322040.41888809204101600Arrival at // Place of studies // Place of residencedb_images_gestaltung/generalsvg/place-biog.svg0.0622
Paris2.3513889312744140048.85694503784180000Place of stay // Place of studiesdb_images_gestaltung/generalsvg/place-biog.svg0.0622
Heidelberg8.7100000381469730049.41222381591797000Place of studiesdb_images_gestaltung/generalsvg/place-biog.svg0.0622
Wilhelmsfeld8.7555551528930660049.47166824340820000Place of residencedb_images_gestaltung/generalsvg/place-biog.svg0.0622
Leipzig12.3833332061767580051.33333206176758000Place of staydb_images_gestaltung/generalsvg/place-biog.svg0.0622
Berlin13.4083328247070310052.51833343505859400Place of residencedb_images_gestaltung/generalsvg/place-biog.svg0.0622
London-0.1274999976158142051.50722122192383000Place of researchdb_images_gestaltung/generalsvg/place-biog.svg0.0622

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