Francesco Piranesi (1756-1810)

"Francesco Piranesi (Italian pronunciation: [franˈtʃesko piraˈneːzi]; 1758/59 – 23 January 1810) was an Italian engraver, etcher and architect. He was the son of the more famous Giovanni Battista Piranesi and continued his series of engravings representing monuments and ancient temples. He worked for a long period in France, where he lived during the French Revolution." - ( 30.01.2020)

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Neptuntempel in Paestum/ Ruine des PronaosNeptuntempel in Paestum / Ruine der CellaFeuerwerk über der Engelsburg (Mausoleum Hadriani)Neptuntempel in Paestum / AußenansichtRoter Faun aus der Villa HadrianaTopografia delle Fabbriche nella Città di Pompeji
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Created Francesco Piranesi (1756-1810)

Printing plate produced Francesco Piranesi (1756-1810)

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