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Neolithic Revolution, DomesticationPottery NeolithicPottery↓ ChalcolithicvteNot to be confused with Tool stone.A stone tool is, in the most general sense, any tool made either partially or entirely out of stone. Although stone tool-dependent societies and cultures still exist today, most stone tools are associated with prehistoric (particularly Stone Age) cultures that have become extinct. Archaeologists often study such prehistoric societies, and refer to the study of stone tools as lithic analysis. Ethnoarchaeology has been a valuable research field in order to further the understanding and cultural implications of stone tool use and manufacture." - ( 01.03.2020)

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FaustkeilLinienbandkeramische Unterplatte (Fragment) einer Reibsteinmühle von EilslebenSteinartefakte von GröbernCharakteristische Geräte der LinienbandkeramikKeulenkopf der Rössener Kultur von BilzingslebenGeschliffe Axt der Rössener Kultur von Minsleben
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